I Will Do My Best To Keep Alaska Red


As I write this post I am shocked to see the results of the Democrat Primary in Montana.  Barak Obama was the declared winner while the vote tally was still zero to zero, and the per cent of votes counted was also zero.  In contrast, South Dakota was going to candidate Clinton by a significant margin; a margin less significant than that of West Virginia or Puerto Rico, but also arguably not even close by any normal election standard.   While South Dakota affirmed my recent proclamation (after the revelations of Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright) that white voters would not continue to support Obama as they did early in the process, Montana proved me wrong.   I am, to say the least, SHOCKED.   Moreover, as the results commenced, the shock turned to AWE as the Big Sky Country affirmed how wrong I was by a greater margin than South Dakota indicated my assertions might have been accurate.      


In 2006 The Big Sky Country sent to the United States Senate a MoveOn candidate who is a model anti-war, big government, and pro-choice politician.   Many democrats had previously been elected to the senate from the Big Sky Country, but it would be difficult to conclude they were liberals when compared to liberals as they are defined today.   Democrat Sen. John Melcher (1977-1989) was challenged as "too liberal for Montana" in one election cycle, a phrase that strongly suggests that using today’s standard he might well have been a neoconservative.  


As of 2006 it became clear the Big Sky Country may no longer be a red state.   With two democrat U. S. senators, a democrat governor and a democrat majority in the state senate, the Big Sky has become purple at best.   The house, currently republican controlled, and by the slimmest of margins, was controlled by the democrats during the previous session by an equally small margin.   This November will determine for the next four years and more whether Montana is still red or true blue thru and thru.     


So, if the progressive nature of Montana is any indication of what is in store for Alaska, the Last Frontier is well on its way to becoming blue as the banner that represents it, and may even skip a transition through the various shades of violet.   With Sen. Stevens and Rep. Young the two most vulnerable national party candidates in the nation, a governor who is demonstrating a proclivity to govern more like Chavez than Jindal, and a RINO pro-illegal immigration, pro-choice and spineless war-time junior senator, we will be lucky next year if the state is even a shade of purple.   Furthermore, if progressivity continues in the years to come, Alaska will become known as the "Organic National Zoo" and Alaskans will soon long for the good old days when moose hunting and salmon fishing were actual activities.   Meanwhile, any visions of once again being red will become distant memories, consistently fading into darkness as if winter had a permanent grip on our souls.  


As the pipeline generation succumbs to the forces of nature, and in stark contrast to the solstice of winter, they may not be leaving a legacy that day in and day out the light of liberty will shine warmer and longer, thus renewing the spirit, but a legacy of a constant drizzle from a gloomy fog in which the new generation of Alaskans grope about while complaining that their government has forsaken them.   The individual rewards from hard work and perseverance portrayed by the pipeline generation will have been replaced by a collective dependency as the government takes from those who are productive and gives it to those who are not.   The only result of this form of tyranny is that eventually no one will be productive, and thus no one will be happy.   Not even the politicians, who are leading the way to their theoretical promised land, will be happy when there are no more freebees available for them to take and to give.      


Montana began the turn to blue when Ted Turner began bison ranching, Chet Huntley built the Big Sky Resort and the taxes and smog in California urged many, some of whom had considerable wealth, to flee.   Some stopped in Colorado, some went to Idaho, and enough went to Montana to wittingly, or unwittingly influence an already small population against the evils of industrialization from which they had recently escaped.


Alaska, now a none-to-similar stepchild of the environmental/democrat coalition, has slowly disintegrated into a liberal mecca with Anchorage as its central mosque.   Fairbanks, ever the libertarian center, has been slower to succumb.   Unfortunately, chinks in their armor have lead to visibly progressive rust, hence revealing a ubiquitous decay of that once self-sufficient and hardy society.   In addition, recent Alaska Supreme Court decisions mirror those of the California court while our governor behaves much the same as the California governor, and sometimes worse.   Moreover, as Anchorage schools have gay something or other days, and as a Bong Hits for Jesus situation is not fully discredited, the local and state governments grow ever more intrusive.   Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is being displaced by social justice, diversity and dependency for a false happiness.   Politicians now campaign on what gratuities they are going to provide for a vote rather than on how hard they are willing to fight against the government’s proclivity to impose itself upon our liberty.   As a result, good people who desire to voluntarily be charitable are finding themselves coerced by law to give so government can choose the beneficiaries.   And all too often the beneficiaries are groups who will gladly take it and repay the favor with their votes.   Basic services such as fire and police, roads and schools are no longer the basic responsibility of government, but they form the foundation on which government can depend for a mutually beneficial relationship not for the citizens they serve, but for each other at the expense of the citizens.                   


The hardworking men and women who forged the way in The Last Frontier, with liberty as their guide, have been displaced by the effeminate do-gooders who collectively value fairness and social justice over individual liberty.   I accept my share of the responsibility for allowing this to progress as far as it has, but I am no longer going to sit idly by and allow it to continue.   The perverse nature of the present political landscape that promises a pristine garden where everyone is equal, not in opportunity but in condition, and no one is either a pauper or an entrepreneur, is impossible to achieve.   Moreover, while the temptations abound for the easy and care free life offered up by those who would ration that easy and care free existence to them, this half baked Sourdough is not about to take a bite from the apple.   Furthermore, this half baked Sourdough is also going to discourage any one, and every one, from biting from the apple as well.   This is the Last Frontier, not the Garden of Eden.   I am no Adam; I can say no and I will say no.   Unfortunately, there certainly seems to be a lot of Adams and Eves here lately.   Yes, there are a whole bunch of you girly-men here today; a bunch of metro-sexual prissy little mommy’s boys who can’t say no and who are shamelessly lazy and unmotivated.   You are despicable ingrates who want it now instead of working for it, and earning it, as did your fathers.   Yes, a lot of you are also Boops who quit university and become no more than a statistic, thus documenting your failures as well as those of the society that fostered your derelictions.   Do you have no pride?   I say no, you don’t.  


This half baked Sourdough who had nothing to do with territorial Alaska, and who had nothing to do with the pipeline, in the short term intends to not only vote for the incumbent delegation, but for the first time ever to contribute to them monetarily as well as in-kind.   Despite their apparent transgressions, they have proven to be stalwart proponents of the core issue of individual liberty, an attribute that is obviously absent from their liberal opponents.  


The internal threat liberalism poses to my liberty is every bit as real as the external threat to my liberty from radical Islamists.   Although the liberals have a distinct advantage over the Islamists in that they are here, and are firmly entrenched into the fabric of society, there goals are not much different.   The Islamists want us to surrender our spirit and thus our liberty, while liberals just want us to relinquish our liberty.  


In the long term, I intend to seek out and identify a real conservative to challenge the junior senator for the next election cycle, and to effort tirelessly to make him or her successful.   Meanwhile, the senator has plenty of time to resurrect some conservative values.   As a matter of fact, she could set the example for all the Eves in the state to motivate their men to seek independence and liberty by casting away their girly-man behavior and to proudly seek fulfillment in success, rather than seeking it from the public trough.   That would have a significant impact on her prospect for re-election, unless of course she just became a democrat.   That would be easy enough I am afraid; and consistent with the general attitude that I have already described.   Maybe the governor will join her, one way or the other.


Regarding the at-large incumbent, there are a few simple facts that are often discounted when it comes to a representative.   Foremost is the fact that the term is only two years. Thus, the incumbent is seldom out of tune with the people he represents at the risk of dismissal.  contrary to any one who asserts a disdain for the constant campaign mentality of Washington (WHAT HAPPENED, Scott McClellan), they may as well state categorically that they don’t like America because about 88% of the country’s delegates from the states are up for re-election every other year, and thus Washington is, as a mater of fact, in campaign mode all the time, and partisanship is always a factor– it is as it was intended— politics as usual  After several consecutive terms it may become necessary to remind him of his responsibilities, but the member’s seniority and experience provide him more latitude due to the benefits of seniority, not only to the member but to his constituency as well.   Never-the-less, dismissal of a representative does not necessarily have grave consequences.   That is, unless the dismissal is also a factor in the determination of which party has the majority, and thus who selects the representative who determines the legislative calendar, appoints the committee chairmen and could, before any one except the vice-president, become the president.   Can you say President Pelosi, heaven forbid?           


Today, as a committee of one, I will seek out and support conservative candidates for the school board, the city assembly and the mayor.   I will gladly join with any like minded individuals who strive to demonstrate that there is no way I will tell my grandchildren it is true that "As goes Montana, so goes Alaska," without also telling them I did not give up on the party, or the individual liberty it represents.





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