Governor Bobby Jindal (R., LA) was berated personally, ideologically and technically after his rebuttal to the president’s non-state of the union address.  Beyond the nationwide attacks on his appearance, tone and presentation (some of which was from Republicans), Alaskan media focused on the young governor’s critical comment about funding for volcano research.  Although it was little more than a simple example of countless other equally suspect appropriations surreptitiously added to the “emergency” stimulus bill, the example was used by the governor as a metaphor to compare volcanic eruptions to the tragedy of the irresponsible spending that was erupting from the capital as he spoke.


The eruption of irresponsible spending Jindal referred to amounted to roughly three-quarters of a trillion dollars, all of which was purported to be vital to the administration’s efforts to avert the impending financial meltdown threatening to mortally damage many of the nation’s financial institutions.  Remember, that emergency bill that was passed on a Friday before recess without any one reading it (except Senator Mark Begich D., AK)?  Remember, the emergency appropriation that was not immediately signed into law at the White House, but days later in Denver? The bill that no one read that, after a thorough inspection, has more evidence of institutional changes in government than actual economic stimulation, by a ratio of about two to one.      


Governor Jindal’s metaphor was effectively made moot by straw man charges leveled against him from the Left.  Initiated with a false allegation that the governor demonstrated a total disregard for the potential benefits of early warnings for volcanic activity, in contrast to the evidential benefits of early warnings of hurricanes in his home state, the leftist’s straw man argument effectively deflected the discussion from irresponsible liberal spending to another opportunity for the Left to indict the opposition for invented crimes against humanity.  Ideologically, had there been $140,000,000 earmarked for hurricane research Jindal would have protested it too, asserting that the wind was blowing our money all around, from Washington to all 57 of the states.  Volcanic research funding was pork, plain and simple, but still presented an easy target on which to launch an assault.  Fascism light from the Left, but fascism nonetheless.  (“Suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship”) 


This straw man argument created a foundation upon which a full frontal assault was mounted to demean the governor and conservatives in general.  Regardless of the fact that the governor’s criticism was directed toward the lard in the Democrat sponsored emergency Recovery Act (originally referred to as an emergency economic “Stimulus Package”); and regardless of the absurdity of any claims that the volcano research funding could be considered as anything close to stimulating or urgent in nature; or that it had any measurable potential to promote an economic recovery, the Leftist Brown Shirts attacked relentlessly.  Fascism light from the Left, but fascism nonetheless. (“Eliminates opposition through secret police”) 


Such behavior is not uncommon for the Leftists in America.  Their propensity to destroy the messenger, by any means possible and with blatant disregard for truth and honor, has been demonstrated again and again.  Next to their subtle and none-to-infrequent charges using race, climate or myriad of other subjects with which to demean or disparage,  this is simply one more example of the “win at all cost and take no prisoners” strategy deployed by the Left to gain power, and to effectively muzzle any opposition in order to retain it.  It is therefore fascism, and it has a strangle hold on America. 


Governor Palin welcomes Governor Jindal as a fellow traveler on the road that is fraught with the Left’s straw man IED’s.  The next thing you know Jingal will be an alleged father of a Palin.  


Many individuals who have been accused in this article of being fascist brown shirts, soldiers of the secret police or propagandists may not be guilty of the accusations.  It is entirely possible that they are just mindless reactionaries incapable of comprehending what they hear, or too lazy to obtain a transcript of it and read what was actually said.    Context is everything, and the context of Governor Jindal’s remarks are extremely important—especially if by failing to understand the context you inadvertently become a propagandist brown shirt soldier for the Left, or are proven to be examples of the poor quality of our educational system. 


On the other hand, there are those who just seem to go along to get along.  For example, Congressman Young, displaying his new and improved statesmanship so as not to jeopardize his next election, stated that the governor “should have been more sensitive in his remarks.”   The congressman did not throw Jindal under the bus, but he gave him a nudge.  Are there no real men left to defend against the fascists and to lead the mindless sheeples among us?   


The real argument in regard to the volcano funding, and the numerous other items funded in the legislation, was not if volcano research should be funded.  The real argument was whether or not the emergency recovery and stimulus package was the appropriate venue in which to fund them.  Contrary to the statement from Sen. Schumer (D., NY), some American’s do care about “those little, tiny—yes porky—amendments” because eventually they add up to become real money: a PORKULUS OMNIMINUS perhaps.



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