Prepared Remarks, 9-12 Freedom Rally

9-12 address:  This Tea’s For You


One evaluation of the events leading up to 9-11-01 concluded that while the Islamists were at war with us, we were not at war with them.  As a result, those responsible for national security up to 9-10 considered Islamic terrorism to be a law enforcement problem, rather than a national security problem.  These legal constraints, designed to protect Americans and invited guests from a tyrannical government, were in effect while we were at war and didn’t know it.  It is the default American position, the American way, guaranteed by the founding documents as well as the officers who swear an oath to uphold them.  Yet, it is the American way that helped to enable the terrorists to succeed.  America makes evil easier.


After 9-11 the president and the congress took decisive action to address national security by taking Islamic terrorism from the realm of law enforcement and placing it under national security.  Many of the legal restraints that handicapped individuals and institutions whose responsibility it was to keep us safe were removed.  The congress thus temporarily negated many of the substantial Islamist advantages; advantages rooted in the American way, thus making it more difficult for the Islamists to succeed again.


The authorizations for electronic surveillance and financial interdictions of Islamist communications and money transfers soon became a tool with which the Left could ally with that portion of the country that have legitimate fears of a tyrannical government.  The Left could care less about the potential of tyranny— theirs is a desire for tyranny as long as they are the tyrants.  Thus, the Left made hay of the potential for government to covertly look into our library book lists, or to listen to our phone conversations, and to look into our bank accounts.  THEY PLAYED ON OUR FEARS and charged that our government CAN BETRAY US.


This is how the Left successfully divided America, and divided we will fall.  The libertarians were divided from the conservatives.


At the same time, the Left conducted a takeover of the Democrat party.  On Dec. 9th, 2004 MoveOn PAC Director Eli Pariser stated of the Democrat Party, “Now it’s our party: we bought it, we own it…”  In addition, Michael Moore was seated in the VIP box with former President Carter during the Party convention, evidence enough that the Party of JFK was no more.  It was now the party of Soros and Lewis.


The Left divided the country and divided and paid for control of the Democrat Party. 


Moreover, as suspected, the media was a partner in the division of America and the takeover of the Democratic Party.  They left no rock unturned looking to discredit our governor, yet saw no rocks to turn when it came to the Left’s Messiah.  The media is not our friend; they are married to the Left.  Today the media has been outed so many times that it is no longer suspected that they are in bed with the Left: THEY ARE THE LEFT.  They are every bit as much an arm of the Left as is ACORN, so is it any wonder why they ignore the sins of ACORN. 


President Obama is not only the Commander in Chief; Obama is the ACORN IN CHIEF.  Obama slipped up and said AARP, who I suspect has ties with ACORN, that AARP endorsed his plan to nationalize health care.  AARP denied endorsing his plan.  One of them is not being truthful.  I suspect they are both liers.  Obama mis-spoke alright.  He forgot that those communications about HIS national security force that is bigger and better funded than the military; that those communications are not for public consumption.          


This is how the Left divided America, and divided we will fall.  Now we are being lead back to a 9-10 mentality.  9-11 is now a day of service and remembrance, and our military is being required to read enemy combatants their constitutional rights while once again fighting with their hands tied with rules of engagement that fail to achieve a minimum of force protection.


Now, we must reunite.  We must unite to help the Democratic Party take back their party so together we can take back our country.  As a republican I submit that it is our responsibility to re-arm the good Democrats.  As a republican I submit that it is our responsibility to assist the good Democrats wherever and whenever possible so they can join with us to take back our country.


Finally, there is no better evidence to prove that the Left is a destructive force than right here in Anchorage.  Mayor Begich woed and wammied our city into a multimillion dollar deficit.  Mr. Begich successfully tuned Anchorage BLUE by putting it deep in the RED, not unlike many other major American cities controlled by the Left.  The Left is the evil of our time, and as good American Democrats, good American Republicans and good American Independents, we must unite to destroy the tyranny of the Left.  We must unite, or we will become the servants of the Left.  As a servant of the Left I will loath the day that Little People like Mark Begich stand between me and my liberty telling me softly that he and his ilk will make it all better after I just give them a little more of my liberty.


Fellow Americans, we will begin to see the fruits of our labors when a prominent individual steps down from serving this president and suggests that he or she can no longer support this president’s goals.  When that happens we will be on our way to taking our country back.  And I think it will be a financial person- Volker or Goosby.  Nevertheless, the results will be evident at the next election–and they are the results that count. 


And if there is any press out there I will gladly provide a transcript of my remarks in case you do not believe your lie n ears that I called the President a liar.  Twice.





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