Heavenly Father,

Thank your for the gift of American Exceptionalism.

Granted to less than three percent of the world’s population by Divine Providence, I am grateful for having the good fortune to be born of it. And, just as I have faith in the existence of Devine Providence, it is that same faith that gives me confidence that American Exceptionalism will endure; that it will endure despite the denial of its existence by many who are also born of it, and are also its beneficiaries, but are ashamed or guilt ridden by it.

American Exceptionalism will endure because Americans are an exceptional people that are united as one nation, under God… It is personified by the veteran and the current service member whose patriotism and fidelity have won liberty and justice, not as conquerors but as liberators, and who are the protectors of this exceptional nation called the United States of America.

Thanks Be To God,


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