Elections Have Consequences

This week I met with a 9-12 member who courageously expressed his fear that our country was being surreptitiously transformed and that he was intent to demonstrate his desire to actively participate in any resistance to that transformation. This gentleman exhibited qualities of character that I believe is inheritably American, yet is rarely shared with anyone beyond those with whom we have some degree of an intimate relationship.

As a result, it is my belief that meeting him was my privilege.

I can only hope that the response from me gave him some confidence that, despite an appearance that the sky is falling, it is no where near to the level that would serve to motivate the masses, especially conservatives, to gather in the streets.

While the “silent majority” may not be inclined to gather in the streets until the burr under their saddle begins to rub raw and the ride starts getting a bit rough, I am confident they do communicate with their representatives at a rate significant enough to adequately inform them. Unfortunately, communicating with a representative who was elected by a majority vote of the opposition is unlikely to be more than marginally effective.

Hence come the statements, “dance with the one who brung ya” and “elections have consequences.”

I know for a fact that Sen. Begich, who was brought to the dance with the narrowest of margins and under extraordinary circumstances, has heard from me several times. I am also confident that my messages are buried deep in a huge pile of similar correspondences; piles of e-mails, letters, faxes and voice mail tabulations from those who are fully capable of bringing their own date to the next dance.

Unfortunately, it is a long time until the next dance.

OH! WAIT! There are a lot of dances coming up. What do you say we make sure that we have dates?


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