Beluga vs Human and Human vs Human

In the past decades there has been a concerted and largely successful effort by the Left to disable resource development in the Alaska. Recent events have caused many of us to reflect on the consequences we are now facing as a result of our actions (or inactions as have so often been the case). The silent majority was stirred.

In 2009 conservatives in Anchorage elected a conservative mayor and voters statewide rejected the Left’s attempt to close down the Pebble Mine. The Left persists however, even if a battle or two is lost. They are relentless in the pursuit of their unachievable fair and just society, the fairness and justice of which is determined by their politburo. The Left Goes Marching On and On; if We Don’t.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a vital tool in the Left’s toolbox. Yet, despite the recent setbacks for AGW on the world stage, the Left continues its march toward their nirvana as if nothing has changed. After all, there is evidence that the Arctic ice cap has shrunk and glaciers have receded. The Left Goes Marching On and On; if We Don’t.

As a matter of fact, abundant evidence is available to strongly suggest that it has been relatively warm, rather than relatively cold in Alaska over the last several decades. From the erosion in coastal areas of western Alaska to the thawing permafrost in the Arctic and subarctic, as well as the receding Portage and Exit glaciers, no objective observer could conclude otherwise. With this The Left Goes Marching On and On; if We Don’t.

Ascribing fault for the warming to mankind, in particular our consumption of fossil energy, is another thing altogether. Unfortunately, the Left will continue to cast fault on us until they are beat back mercilessly. Until we conservatives mount a major assault on the Left, they will continue to win enough for us to lose it all. We must take a page from the Leftist playbook and fight for a total reclamation of the country before there is nothing remaining to reclaim. The Left Goes Marching On and On; if We Don’t.

Environmentalists are not all Leftists, but virtually every Leftist is an environmentalist. The Left hijacked environmentalism just as they hijacked education. Yet the Left can not care less about the environment, any more than they care about educating children and young adults. The Left uses education to create young Leftists, and they use ecology and the environment to promote their Leftist ideology. The Left Goes Marching On and On; if We Don’t.

The following is an opportunity for conservatives to stop the Left from Marching On and On:

“The Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee will hold its election meeting January 5th. We must make sure the liberal environmentalists do not get to use this platform to give credibility to their Ideas such as supporting the cook inlet beluga listing. It would be good to see this board oppose such a listing through a resolution. We have the opportunity to Vote.” Mark Fish, CPG The following is from Mark’s e-mail:

The Anchorage Fish & Game Advisory Committee will hold its election meeting January 5th at 6:30 pm at the Anchorage School District Education Center, located at 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd, in the School Board room. There are five 3 year and two 1 year alternate seats available. Also on the agenda will be preparation of comments for Board of Game proposals, Board of Fisheries proposals, DNR state lands guide concession program information and any other business that may properly come
before the committee. For more information contact Aaron Bloomquist at 982-2471.
If you’d like to see the proposals that are under consideration by the board’s, please visit the web page at: http://www.boards.adf…

Advisory committees are local groups that meet to discuss fishing and hunting issues and to provide recommendations to Alaska Board of Fisheries and Alaska Board of Game. Advisory Committees are intended to provide a local forum on fish and wildlife issues. Their purpose includes: 1) developing regulatory proposals, 2) evaluating regulatory proposals and making recommendations to the appropriate board, 3) providing a local forum for fish and wildlife conservation and use, including matters relating to habitat, 4) advising the appropriate regional council on resources, and 5) consulting with individuals, organizations, and agencies.

Environmental groups have mobilized to insert their preferred candidate’s in order to use the board to promote their agenda, including supporting the listing of cook inlet Beluga’s as endangered.
Those who would be supporting Alaskans right to access and manage their own resources, Members of Anchorage 2ATF as well as other conservative candidate’s are in need of the public votes. A conservative slate of candidates will be made evident at the meeting. We need you there to vote for these candidates.

Anchorage School District Education Center, located at 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd, the School Board room is at the center of the lower floor of the Anchorage School District Education Center, near the elevator. Capacity is about 200 so come early for good seating.

Please take note and share the result of the meeting with your affiliated groups.


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