Senator Begich Promises Us Junk

Sen Begich on Keni radio 3/5/10, 4-5p:
The House passed a health care bill and sent it to the Senate. The House bill was incorporated into a Senate bill and retrurned to the House. It is now up to the House to pass the Senate bill and then to create another bill to "Clean up the junk" in the original bill, and send it to the senate so it can be passed with a bare majority vote.
Sen. Begich said the bill "has a lot of junk in it," but he campaigned on getting a health care bill passed, so the polls and public opinion are not as important as him upholding his campaign promise to get a bill passed, junk and all. 
The senator is more than happy to provide us with a pile of junk, cleaned up by the same people who passed the pile of junk in the first place, because he promised to pass a health care bill.
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