I arrived Boniface & N. L. 4:15 and was all alone for an hour. At ~5p a panel truck with Honeman signs on it passed by. At about 5:15 it passed again, going the same direction & I recognized the driver–it was Mr. Honeman. A few minutes later the truck was accross the steet from me and he joined me at the intersection on the opposite side of the street.

Shortly thereafter Mr. Trombley joined me with small group of supporters, a couple of whom are AFL members. For the rest of the time the Tombley signs outnumbered the opponent 5:1 as more Trombley people showed up, and the opponent had a max of 5 people at any given time. Mr. Honeman was the first and the last there for his campaign.

When Mr. Trombley greeted me he asked how I was was received, indicated by honks. I replied that I evaluated the situation not by honks, but by "birds," and as yet I had received no birds. I added that since I had his sign and a Griffin/Smith combo sign, I wouldn’t be able to assess to whom it was directed. Within minutes a bird was delivered, and within the remaining time we were there, one additional bird was delivered. At the time I was on the opposite side of the intersection and Mr. Tromble signed that he also counted two, as we exchanged the piece sign indicating two birds. ric###

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