Campaign Literature Drop Initiation

Yesterday I was a member of a team, for my first time ever, participating in the time honored tradition of putting literature supporting candidates on thousands of door knobs.  For the most part the experience was uneventful and I hope it is rewarding, come Tuesday. 


I thought briefly a time or two, as I walked from door to door, about how much I appreciated the fact that most people are reasonable blokes, and thus there was little chance that someone would plug me with a 12 gauge slug on the rare occasion that I struggled to secure the rubber banded flier around a door knob.  One door that was slightly ajar as I approached caused me to pause for a moment and think, “Does that door really need a flier or not?”


I have no idea how many fliers I distributed, but I do know that the captain of my team probably affixed twice the number I did.  I informed the captain, when we were nearly out of our supply of fliers, that my Great Dane was going to have to settle for a much shorter walk today in light of the pavement I already pounded without him.  The captain didn’t seem to be too amused by the suggestion that my dog would be shorted just because his master had exerted himself a bit more than usual.  On the other hand, the captain seemed genuinely disappointed that we had run out of fliers.  That is until the captain remembered that there was a hundred or so more in the cargo area.  YaHoo!! 


Initially, as I contemplated how to begin this short note, I imagined doing so by suggesting that I just woke up from a much deserved nap.  But that wouldn’t be the true record of my day.  Really; no kidding; seriously.       


My team captain motivated me to give 110% just to be half as productive, and for that I am most appreciative.  However, while I am accustomed to a brisk two mile walk every day, in the morning when I make the first move to get up to meet the new day, I suspect I will be just a wee bit less enthused about today’s activities and, quite possibly, the good captain as well.      


At least until I get a cup of my special homemade Ovaltine, French vanilla and steamed milk, double-double Mayan Onyx espresso, and loosen up a little. 


Good job, Captain.  This shot of glucosamine and chondroitin is for you.  And this second shot is for the other team member whom I have learned to respect more and more every time we are on the same team.


On the third day he rose again, and  

He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.





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