Fourth Estate is now a Fifth Column

Has the Anchorage or national media caused you to rethink your desire or ability to become engaged in public events promoted by traditional and conservative community activists? 


Do you somewhere deep inside have an urge to attend a Tea Party or an Anchorage Assembly meeting, but quickly conclude that the risk of doing so outweighs any anticipated benefit, or that it won’t matter if you participate or not? 


Has the thought of viewing your picture on the front page of the newspaper, or prominently placed in evening news broadcast, caused you to stay home and wait to see if you recognize any of the subjects who do accept the risks and do think their participation matters? 


Do you realize many of those who are featured in the news are cleverly and intentionally chosen by the media to portray a least favorable representation of the group, and thus depict it as an aberrant collection of society’s misfits, malcontents and rejects?


And you reply, “Like, that is really a club I want to join now, huh?”  


If so, then such selfishness, general disinterest or cowardice will eventually lead to a permanent and quasi-official limit on any future opportunities to demonstrate the right to peaceably assemble, or to speak freely in opposition to the behavior of the government?    


Look at yourself.  Look at yourself now.  Look at that once proud American who stood tall and who shamelessly proclaimed, “I am an American.  I have liberty, and I will always have liberty as long as I am an American.” 


This time the reply is laced with sarcasm, “Like, ya, that is really a club I want to join now, huh?”     


The time has come for the silent majority to bring to a close the era during which we could safely rely on a handful of activists and a small segment of the community to expend their energy and resources to protect liberty, thus enabling most of us to save our energy and resources or expend them on personal pleasures.  That handful of activists, who have been reliable and generally successful in the past, is currently being overwhelmed by a persistent and well organized assault on a variety of fronts, and reinforcements are required to blunt that assault.  To eventually beat it back will require much, much more than a few reinforcements.


The time has come for the silent majority to reassess our priorities.  It is time for us moderates, traditionalist and conservatives to lift our civic duty nearer to the top of our list, closer to family and God, than the bottom next to taking out the trash or running the dishwasher.  Relying on a sort of magical reminder to cast your vote, or voting without thoughtful consideration regarding whom or what is on the ballot, can not continue to be an acceptable option. 


The assault on traditionalism, conservatism and the moderate citizen as well, promotes a general malaise in those communities.  Progressives, over many years time, have succeeded to convince many of us that our fate is sealed and that any and all efforts to resist their Leftist ideology will be for naught. 


What better evidence is required than that of the recent passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act by the current regime on a pure partisan vote and despite overwhelming opposition.  They passed the legislation and signed it into law by stretching the limits of their political power to an extreme just shy of what might be viewed as tyrannical.  The despair generated by this abuse of power does not just affect the traditionalist and the conservative members of society, but it may have an amplified effect on the moderates who more often than not have the final say in the outcome of almost every election.      


The Left seems to have placated moderates and the Right into believing that their votes, in the aggregate, can not possibly stop social justice and diversity from transforming the Old America of equal opportunity into the New America of equal outcomes.  If Old Americans (traditionalists, conservatives and many moderates) can be discouraged from participating in the election process by being persuaded to view themselves as mere remnants of an antiquated and obsolete concept, the transformation of America will proceed unabated.  If Old Americans can be convinced the American experiment has been an abject failure and is the incontrovertible source of all evil in the world, then the transformation of America will be complete, and irreversible.


This assault on traditional America is a nationwide effort.  Included in its ranks is a Fifth Column consisting of much of the main stream media.  Locally, the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU are active participants in this none-to-subtle propaganda war against the people it has been traditionally expected to serve.  Rather than serving the people much of the media has elected to actively pursue a goal to subjugate the people to their government.  They constitute a Fifth Column advocating for excessive and intrusive government against the people who desire a smaller, more efficient and responsive government that has a primary responsibility to protect their liberty.


The war is being waged against America, represented in the majority by what is commonly known of as Middle America.  Hence, in pursuit of nirvana the media portrays Middle America not as an vast group of kind and generous God fearing Blue-Blooded Americans, but as an aberrant subgroup of racists, homophobes or radical extremists who are an obstacle to their ideal world.  As a result, the Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column for the Left.    


By design, the Fourth Estate’s original purpose was to act as an unofficial and objective source of information for the people to check the power of government.  The Fourth Estate was constitutionally protected to enable it to freely inform the people about their government, its day to day activities and its anticipated long term objectives.  The Fourth Estate reported on the goals of government; the explicit goals as well as the implied goals.  Finally, the Fourth Estate provided the people an analysis of the expected and the unexpected consequences of their government’s public policy decisions.    


What was once considered fringe media that appealed to a small subset of the general population has become the main stream media, promoting European Socialism and ignoring information that does not conform to its world view.  It selectively publishes information that promotes its world view and that of its allies.  As an ally of government it no longer acts as a check on the Executive and Legislative Branches to prevent tyranny, but as a cheerleader of America’s descent from being a shining city on the hill into the valley of national death.


So powerful is the Fourth Estate that in many cases the president of the United States has had to beg a publisher to refrain from publishing information, or prove to the publisher that a specific publication would not be in the best interest of the nation.  In some cases publishers have concluded, rightly or wrongly, that the publication would proceed as planned, while in many cases publishers merely agreed to delay a publication.


Today, however, the Fifth Column advocates for the government and actively participates as a source of propaganda to influence the governed to accede to the power of government, rather than demanding that the government accede to the wishes of the people.  It is blatantly abusing its power to inform, using it to sway the public in spite of evidence that the people, in the marketplace, have soundly rejected their agenda.  Newspaper circulation has plummeted and far fewer people view the evening news, yet the Fourth Estate continues its destructive behavior. 


This provides a new slant on the socialist view that “the ends justify the means.”


Cast an informed vote at a minimum, and join and participate to some level, without fear, in activist organizations formed to protect liberty from the enemy within.





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2 Responses to Fourth Estate is now a Fifth Column

  1. Bethany says:

    Excellent thoughts, and well written Ric!

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