Letter to Lower 48 Friends

As an active Partyer I am going to give you an “insider” perspective on the Miller v Murkowski (Tea Party v Establishment) battle for a seat in the US Senate from Alaska .

The Establishment is comprised of businesses, unions and Native Corporations, as well as 90% of the local media. Most importantly, the Establishment includes the highest office holders in state government. The Lt. gov.,who is responsible for assuring free and fair elections and who was previously the commanding general of the AK National Guard (appointed by FRANK Murkowski), allowed the Director of Elections to prominently post the list of “write in” candidates at all early voting places. State law requires that write in candidates register with the DOE at least five days before an election, and when early voting began there were three write in candidates, but only one for US senator–Lisa Murkowski. Never before was a list of write in candidates posted at a polling place to assist voters to vote for write in candidates. This amounted to nothing less than state-sponsored electioneering, and consisted of several strange bed-fellows from the LEFT as well as the right. MoveOn and ACORN would be proud of the Alaska Establishment’s activities.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Alaska under the watchful eyes of Gov. Hugo Chavez Parnell and Lt. Gov.-Gen. Evo Morales Campbell.

As a result, I became a candidate for US senate as a write in, as did 149 of my fellow partyers-all on the last day possible to register, after the Superior Court, with F. Murkowski appointees, approved the write-in list.  The courts had already forced our candidate to release his employment records, most of which had already been surreptitiously released by a former mayor who is also an Establishment politico. Heaven forbid that “the powers that be” should have to create new networks of power that was originally built by Frank and subsequently bequeathed to his daughter, Lisa. The establishment argues that it is the institutional memory of the “staffers” that is vital to retain–the same staffers who have been unsuccessful in getting oil out of ANWR, but who have brought home the bacon. Miller suggested we should trade pork for ANWR, and that was a bridge too far for the Establishment. So, as our oil runs dry the pork will not, and we shall gladly become total wards of the Federal state with the Establishment continuing to get their cut off the top. (With an 8a contract here and an 8a contract there; here a contract, there a contract, everywhere a contract…)

In addition, since our candidate was the Republican candidate, the PARTY “assisted” us. Unfortunately, it did not dawn on us “USEFUL IDIOTS” that the PARTY was actually using our energy and motivation against us in the campaign to get out the vote. It appears as though our mandate to identify likely Miller voters left a list of LIKELY MURKOWSKI VOTERS that was ostensibly made available to Murkowski’s get out the vote ground game. An ordinary write in candidate doesn’t normally have a sophisticated ground operation; so the PARTY essentially used MILLER’S ARMY to defeat itself. Never again will I trust a representative of the Establishment.

I was a useful idiot and the young people who staff campaigns were essentially MORE USEFUL IDIOTS. They were responsible for the data and the analysis of it, but the data and the analysis was the property of the NRSC. This potentially suggests that the NRSC shared the data and analysis with the Murkowski campaign, thus affording the Murkowski campaign the ability to concentrate its resources toward their likely voters and on making every vote a legitimate vote.

Our candidate was an honorable man until the forces combined against him made him appear as though he was not. A judge forced release of his employment records-acceptable for a candidate for senate but not for a candidate to the President of the US? Miller was not eligible for rehire for three years after resignation, but his resignation was not accepted until he completed the case he was working. I retired after twenty years but can honestly stipulate that if my employment records were released for my service the opposition would certainly make hay of my two days of “bad time.” The honorable discharges and retired reserve designations for which I receive a more than modest annuity would not be as important as the bad time, or an occasional “needs improvement” on an efficiency report. E-1 to O-4 (Private to Staff Sgt. in 8 yrs & to Lt. Commander)would be lost in the weeds. (Why did you quit at 20 would be a weedy question now wouldn’t it? Were you forced to retire? What about your wife, an “academy light” graduate, was she also forced to retire at 22 yrs as an 0-5?) Do you not now have some doubts about me as a man of integrity; honestly? Now, ask it over and over again for several weeks.

God forbid a commoner ever offer to serve, or worse yet to challenge an Establishment candidate again. That is why this battle must be fought to the very end– never give up, never give in.

From the Fascist State of Alaska,

I Am,


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